Tipping the Scales for Lady Justice


budAvoiding & Defending Potbusts t
For those who want to learn about the law and how to research it, this fairly lengthy pdf is the most comprehensive discussion of the many relevant issues on this website.

(It is so valuable that prosecutors and police have been known to download it.)


this is a pot bud Canadian flagOh Canada!
Please no hockey bags!

Think smuggling along that lengthy border might be easy? Think again. read this first.
bud major medical marijuana messMajor Medical Marijuana Mess
Medical marijuana has turned into a box canyon.

Here's why this writer thinks that the only hope for patients is freedom for all adult cannabis users.

bud tProhibition works
Why is it that after decades of drug prohibition, drugs are more available than ever? It's because prohibition works perfectly. No one in his right mind ever expected people to stop using drugs. But as a tool for controlling the poor... As a tool for putting folding money in the hands of outlaws... As a tool for eroding civil rights...

bud tWhat the hell were you thinking?
Famous last words....

Reflections on how some of my really bright clients have done some really dim things.

bud clown fishSmarter than fish
Be smarter than fish...

Important rules to avoid hiring a lawyer.

bud ted Alert
Sniff Sniff!

When a dog searches your car or house it's not a search! But it will put you in jail.

bud tEntheogens and the law
Entheogens are psychedelics compounds used for spiritual or therapeutic purposes.

Evidently the power of the human species to alter consciousness exceeds the ability of the species to prohibit it.

bud gunGuns
Forget the Second Amendment.

Even your legal gunwill put you in prison if you're involved with dope.

t tPot, Church and the Law
You might think it's a sacred herb (and we might agree).

But the patrons of prohibition don't.

bud tConviction data
You might as well tatoo that conviction on the end of your nose.

It will precede you everywhere you go for the rest of your life.

bud tThe 10 Commandments
Follow these ten commandments and you just might avoid a potbust.

Learn about home hygiene!.