Tipping the Scales for Lady Justice

Is our work done here?
You be the judge:

“Legalization” has been passed in Washington (Initiative 502) calling for regulation and licensing of cannabis by the State Liquor Control Board (LCB). Since that time the local press has reported that:

  • Several law firms purporting to serve “cannabusiness” are advertising that they can set you up as a dispensary or a legal I-502 licensee. All of them advise clients that “federal law prohibits” the conduct they seek to license. I don’t believe that any of them advise that any documentation produced in pursuit of “legality” is at best an exhibit in the federal government’s criminal case. As but one example: If you list 3 employees, you have admitted to a Continuing Criminal Enterprise. This brings a mandatory 15 year prison sentence in federal court.
  • No I-502 regulations have been issued.
  • No I-502 licenses have been issued
  • Issuance of regulations and licenses may be further delayed by the failure of the LCB to comply with the State Environmental Protection Act.
  • Predictions are that any “legal pot” to come from the scheme will be $4-500/oz. Pot for the wealthy. For the poor: no home grows, no realistic alternative but the underground market.
  • Wealthy investors are lining up to become licensed in the cannabis business, despite the failure of the Federal Government to clarify whether or not they will attempt to stop these licensees. Smaller businesspeople – those who can’t afford to lose their entire investment should the feds decide to enforce the federal law – can’t get into the race.
  • Authorities have announced that competition from cheaper medical marijuana must be eliminated in order for legalization to work. The racial imbalance that inevitably comes with more enforcement of the criminal laws about pot is considered a necessary evil that is justified by the desired result.
  • Local police have announced that they are training Drug Recognition Experts to identify the signs of marijuana intoxication. Their science appears to be voodoo, but it is nonetheless accepted by the courts.
  • Local Police have announced a stepped up period of enforcement of drug duis to coincide with Hempfest.
  • People who accurately predicted these bad results are targeted for criticism as “fear mongers,” and “Pawns of the ‘industry.’”

  • How do you like our legalization now?

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